Paris attacks: Where does Isis get its money and arms from? | World | News | The Independent

Following Putin‘s intervention at the G20 meeting, the UK’s Independent looks at the source of ISIS money and arms. The start point is a series of rhetorical questions posed by Jeremy Corbyn, when asked whether bombing Isis following the Paris terror attacks would make a significant difference to the situation.

Source: Paris attacks: Where does Isis get its money and arms from? | World | News | The Independent

The Independent argues that to a large extent Isis is now funding itself,  through oil sales, kidnap ransoms, smuggling, extortion, taxes, looting, bank robberies.

However, the article highlights that when it was starting out, Isis was ‘seed funded’ by wealthy donors, individuals and charities from across the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Given that Putin referred to G20 funding for ISIS, these countries must be feeling pressure.

The money trail gets merky because of trade in oil, gas, arms, and financial services. In particular, one has to wonder who is buying oil from ISIS.

Corbyn is right to challenge these issues.
For a more comprehensive look at ISIS funding reported in the media, open this link.



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  1. It is out of date, but this article also provides a good overview. The link between wealthy donors within G20 countries is very concerning, but given the regional faith rivalries in the area and the propensity to fight via proxies (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) is perhaps not surprising. One immediate thing my eye is drawn to is the role of the illicit drug trade for funding of some of the groups. From a small government minded person like myself, I can’t help but think that this is one more reason to drastically reduce the War on Drugs that inflates drug prices. It seems hopelessly vain to believe we can control the drug trade anyway, and now add the financing of terrorist organizations to the list of ills that the War on Drugs creates, including increased criminalization for petty acts, locking those people up for those petty acts, the creation of violent gangs at home that controls the drug trade, and putting a strain on government budgets better served elsewhere.

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