LORD WEST on how to rid the Middle East of ISIS | Daily Mail Online

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English: The Daily Mail clock, just off Kensington High Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this must read article by the Daily Mail, former First Sea Lord, Admiral Lord West provides three-step analysis on how to crush the Islamic State.

Lord West argues that because the Islamic State is weaker in Iraq, he would suggest that international and indigenous troops try to defeat it there before taking the fight to within Syria.

Source: LORD WEST on how to rid the Middle East of ISIS | Daily Mail Online

Lord West’s analysis is crystal clear. It analyses the current coalition forces – note the absence of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries.

It stresses the need for a political solution to Syria which recognizes the important of Assad in the short-term.

BUT for me, the critical words from Lord West are:

In the meantime, we should confront states such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey which have financed IS and bought its oil supplies on the black market.

This article cuts through the postering and procrastinating of political leaders. For sure, US military experts share Lord West’s analysis but they have been effectively muzzled by the Obama regime.

It’s time for proper public debate and analysis as the allies up the stakes in the war against ISIS.

Most critically, the mainstream media must challenge Saudi Arabia and Turkey for providing indirect support to ISIS.


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  1. Dr Alf is right and so is Lord West technically, but the reality is Turkey and Saudi Arabia need more than challenging.The UK and the USA cannot challenge them because both sell arms to these countries and because their desire to remove President Assad conflicts with their new found desire to defeat ISIS.

    Lord West says the attack in Iraq first but already ISIS leaders are fleeing from Raqua whilst their followers remain living with civilians who are not allowed to leave. ISIS leaders are now in Mosul and more ISIS fighters are embedded with the so-called refugees and economic migrants that Europe in a moment of incredible stupidity, allowed in.

    In the UK alone the police counter-terrorism unit claims to be watching 118 known jihadis who by rights should be neutralized by internment or other methods.

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