Russia’s Lavrov cancels Turkey trip after jet downing – DIPLOMACY – Hurriyet Daily News

Sergey Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leading Turkish news agency reports that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Nov. 24 he would not visit Turkey as planned on Nov. 25 following Turkey s downing of a Russian fighter jet.

Source: Russia’s Lavrov cancels Turkey trip after jet downing – DIPLOMACY

The article also cites Lavorov advising Russians not to visit Turkey, saying that the threat of terrorism in Turkey is no less than in Egypt, where a bomb attack brought down a Russian passenger plane last month.

Earlier according to Russian media, President Putin fingered Turkey for getting the flow of oil from Islamic State-controlled territories.


Opinion – Police cuts deal made despite terror threat, says George Osborne | UK news | The Guardian – John Gelmini

These are dangerous times but I am afraid that I am with George Osborne and not with the police.

English: London

English: London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English and Welsh police forces are currently sitting on £2 billion gbp of public money which represents just under 20% of what they received in 2015/2016, a total of £10.9 billion gbp.

Police forces waste money on Police and Crime Commissioners, plus their staffs and they waste money on 43 different sets of uniforms, procurement and huge payoffs to senior officers.

We do not need 43 English constabularies, seperate police forces in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the City of London and we do not need the British Transport police as a separate entity along with nuclear police.

We do not need a Victorian structure with 20 plus layers of management.

We also do not need nearly 50 call centres and dispatchingunits–These should be shared services facilities shared with ambulance,council and fire services.

We need 1 national police force and one Chief Constable not hundreds of police chiefs who add nothing to our safety and even less to fighting crime.

Osborne is trying to get Chief Constables to merge their police forces but turkeys do not vote for Christmas,only their survival at the trough.

These Chief Constables need to be culled and the whole outmoded structure cut to 4 layers but for now getting rid of Police and Crime Commissioners and reducing the reserves to say 1 billion gbp would be a start.

John Gelmini