Opinion – Turkish F16 fighter shot down Russian Su24 jet over Syria, MoD confirms (VIDEO) — RT News – John Gelmini

English: Map showing the territories of the Ot...

English: Map showing the territories of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, including nominal and vassal territories. According to the information on the map in http://ottomanmilitary.devhub.com/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Dannatt, former head of the British Army and Lord West have confirmed that ISIS was and is funded by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan.

Turkey provides sanctuary and hospital doctors and nurses to injured ISIS fighters and buys ISIS oil.

ISIS mixes its oil with oil from Iraq, which means that British and European motorists indirectly finance ISIS which also makes money by taxing the 8 million people under its rule, criminal activities and selling Captagon a mind-altering drug.

This last point was covered in many newspapers, including The Guardian.

I contend that Turkey is a threat to us all by pretending to be a staunch NATO member but in fact following a Salafist agenda by assisting ISIS as a means to recreate a latter-day Ottoman Empire.

I suggest that perhaps Turkey shot down the Russian aircraft in the hope of provoking a Russian response leading to America helping Turkey to create safe havens in Syria as a precursor to toppling Assad and Turkey gaining Syrian territory which it has already referred to and earmarked as its own.

John Gelmini

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