Russian-Turkish Tensions Heat Up Over Downed Warplane – The New York Times

Flag of Turkey.

Flag of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NYT reports that Russia was looking at ways to curb commercial ties and investment projects, possibly including the deal to build a gas pipeline through Turkey.

Source: Russian-Turkish Tensions Heat Up Over Downed Warplane – The New York Times

Turkey is vulnerable to trading sanctions from Russia.

Also Turkey should remember that western multi-national will be factoring in higher political risk in decisions about investment in Turkey.

It’s deeply worrying why Turkey is not apologizing to Russia and trying to defuse matters?


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  1. Turkey and President Erdogan are playing a high stakes poker game, whereby they hope to provoke Russia and then trigger a NATO response, on the basis that an “Attack on one is an attack on all”.

    Turkey is alleged to have caused electricity supplies to the Crimea to be disrupted and is allegedly known to have encouraged the “Turkmen” in Syria to kill one of the downed Russian pilots and the crew of a Russian rescue helicopter searching for survivors whilst in Syria. This last incident if proven is an act of war and is murder because Turkey is not officially at war with Russia.

    Lorryloads of oil from ISIS, stolen from Iraq go into Turkey and then on to Europe.

    Turkey has form as an aggressor nation, which has caused trouble for Europe for nearly 1000 years, and now she wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire, which Britain defeated at horrendous cost in blood, treasure and the lives of Commonwealth troops 100 years ago.

    Turkey has precipitated the refugee crisis by assisting ISIS and then has the temerity and chutzpa to demand money and EU membership.

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