Britain yet to garner parliament support for Syria action — defence minister |

Based on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, the Gulf News concludes that Britain has yet to garner parliamentary support for Syria action.  It reports that Defense Minister, Michael Fallon said that the government was holding talks with Labour lawmakers. Andrew Marr also interviewed Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Source: Britain yet to garner parliament support for Syria action — defence minister |

Whilst I am no fan of Corbyn nor his hard-left politics, I felt that he made some good points about the UK’s intervention in Syria. He questioned the incremental gain versus hightened risk and most importantly focused on the strategic challenges. Andrew Marr speculated that if Corbyn held his Labour MPs to the whip, he could still get David Cameron’s government to change its proposed Syrian intervention.

Meanwhile, Michael Fallon stuck to his carefully crafted script, highlighting the need to help France and the support the UN resolution.

Elsewhere in the UK news this weekend, there have been widespread demonstrations against UK bombing Syria.

The political backdrop to this story is that the outcome promises to be deeply embarassing to either Corbyn or Cameron. Is it really possible that Corbyn could stop the UK bombing in Syria?


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