Jeremy Corbyn rolls over in face of shadow cabinet opposition and gives free vote to Labour MPs on Syria air strike – live – Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the right-wing Telegraph, there will be no official Labour party position opposing air strikes, effectively giving David Cameron the go-ahead for war.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn rolls over in face of shadow cabinet opposition and gives free vote to Labour MPs on Syria air strike – live – Telegraph

This reading of events is diametrically opposed to that presented in the left-wing Guardian.

I sense that the Telegraph is over reporting events and perhaps the Guardian gives us a more balanced view on this occasion.

Personally, I’m conservative in my political views and have already shared my views on this issue.



One response

  1. Jeremy Corbyn obviously wanted to retain his position and the salary that goes with it; there is no money in “principled opposition” as a latter-day “Dave Spart”, so regardless of which newspaper is reporting on the matter, the result will be war in Syria.

    The question then for Dr Alf and the rest of us is whether our ageing planes and Brimstone munitions can do the job. The reality is we are already too late and far “behind the curve”.
    ISIS commanders have decamped to Mosul and ISIS fighters have tunnelled under Raqua with jackhammers and created a sanctuary for themselves.

    The RAF has 37 ageing planes, just two of which are serviceable, so the idea that we can project serious force is frankly a joke in this context. If we bomb, we will kill civilians leaving ISIS fighters safe and presumably free to booby trap the buildings left standing which David Cameron’s and Michael Fallon’s 7000 fighters would then have to clear house by house all by themselves, assuming of course they exist and can be brought to Raqua to engage in hand to hand fighting.

    We are not prepared to commit ground troops nor effect regime change on ISIS’s funders and we are not prepared to do anything about Turkey other than throwing money at them as an inducement not to send over more refugees.

    We are certain to fail in our endeavour, which suggests that we are deliberately acting in such a way as to ensure that ISIS grows in strength to the point where it can remove Assad, something that Russia and China will oppose.

    ISIS is a Frankenstein as are the Gulf states who bankroll them and the duplicitous Erdogan who has his own crackpot agenda. We allow it to roam about at will at our peril and we need to deal with it with the utmost severity and precision now whilst there is still time.

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