Sex abuse against horses on the rise in Switzerland — RT News

Russia‘s leading media outlet, RT is citing latest evidence that Switzerland is seeing a worrying increase in the number of sex attacks carried out against animals and in particular horses. Swiss figures show cases of animal abuse rose to 1,709 in 2014, an increase of 1,542 from the previous 12 months.

Source: Sex abuse against horses on the rise in Switzerland — RT News

Reading this article, most people would be disgusted at these practices. I know Switzerland well and it’s hard to believe that this is true. Of course, to Switzerland’s credit they are reporting the statistics – one has to wonder about other countries?

Western mainstream media is quick to cite alcohol abuse in Russia and restrictions on civil liberties. Also Putin’s Russia takes a hard-line against gay people. I wonder if there is a link between Western liberal values on sexuality and sex abuse against animals?


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  1. Dr. Alf should know that bizarre and unusual practices of this kind are going on all over the world and not just in Switzerland
    As a boy, I can remember a schoolboy in the same year as me being caught by the police for committing acts of gross indecency against horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and of course, younger boys.
    With each new revelation in the Letchworth and Baldock Gazette and the other local paper at the time this fellow grew bolder and more notorious as he revelled in these unspeakable practices.
    Whilst gay people comprise perhaps 1 person in 90 of any given population you might think from the amount of publicity they create for themselves that their lifestyles were much more representative at 1 in 6(a figure quoted in a Hollywood film designed to make people believe that this lower figure was the real one).
    The figure for people engaging in acts of bestiality is thankfully tiny but when these people strike at defenceless animals the Red Top sensationalist press have a field day.

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