David Cameron may campaign for Brexit, allies say – Telegraph

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron

English: David Cameron Deutsch: David Cameron (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a sensational article from the UK’s Telegraph. It’s a must-read.

The article reports that UK Prime Minister, Mr Cameron is understood to be increasingly frustrated at the EU lawyers who have told him that his plans are illegal.

Source: David Cameron may campaign for Brexit, allies say – Telegraph

It looks increasingly like that former public school boy, David Cameron, has been caught out for not doing his homework.

Surely, the UK has experts on EU law? Were they not asked to give an expert opinion prior to Cameron crystalizing the UK government’s policy on a Brexit?

In my earlier corporate career, I was involved in buying and selling businesses internationally and I always checked the legals before taking a major strategic decision. I wonder whether it was Cameron or Osborne who dropped the ball? I worry that Osborne believes his own political dogma, rather than seeking out carefully crafted, evidence-based policy?

Now we see that Cameron might start sulking and say ‘OK I’ll bat for the other side!’ (No pun intended!).


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  1. Dr Alf can rest easy, this talk of Brexit by Cameron is just posturing; he will not go for Brexit and knows the legalities perfectly well.

    He is trying to keep fractious backbenchers on his side and convince the British public that he really means business whilst pressuring Merkel and Draghi whose plans to stimulate European growth have run into the sand just as I predicted they would 2 years ago.

    Buying and selling businesses as Dr Alf knows all too well, requires proper disclosure of the facts and legalities of doing things.

    One might imagine that renegotiating EU membership would be in the same category, but the reality is that Merkel could decide on a 2 speed Europe tomorrow and the applicable Treaties could be changed afterwards.
    It is not a matter of illegality but it is a matter of political will, Merkel’s versus Cameron’s, with Merkel knowing as we all do that she can outlast Cameron as he has already made his intention to quit by the end of the Parliament known.

    Dr Alf will also remember that when he struck his deals or was involved in negotiating them it was important that everyone involved knew who the parties were and that they were there for the duration barring death or sudden illness.

    With Cameron, a Bilderberger, they know he is fully committed to a United States of Europe but cannot say so publicly and that he is on his way out and onto his next role.

    Therefore, they have no interest in giving Cameron anything because they know they will be dealing with Osborne, another Bilderberger, before too long.

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