Footage shows Russian jets bombard ISIS oil convoy ‘heading to Turkey’ causing enormous explosions – Mirror Online

The Mirror reports that the strike happened days after Vladimir Putin said he had proof Turkey was buying oil from the terror group.

Source: Footage shows Russian jets bombard ISIS oil convoy ‘heading to Turkey’ causing enormous explosions – Mirror Online

This is a powerful article from the UK tabloid, the Mirror. Both the headline, the text and the video are crystal clear. Readers will increasingly relate to Putin’s arguments and become more suspicious of Turkey’s President Erdogan and his family.

Following the ISIS attack in Egypt on a Russian charter jet and Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian fighter, Putin’s response has been calculated, clear and timely, earning him respect around the world. This is in complete contrast to Obama’s dithering and deep embarassment following the alleged Isis link to the California shooting.

Ordinary people will ask why isn’t Obama teaming up with Putin rather than Erdogan to defeat Isis?


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  1. Dr Alf makes powerful points because the camera footage from Vladimir Putin’s bombers and military satellites of tankers of stolen Iraqi oil being blown up whilst heading north to the Turkish border is not a mirage.

    That sort of freight movement requires co-ordination and a large logistical infrastructure, belonging either to a major haulage and shipping company or to a country.

    ISIS owns no ships, no bunkering facilities, no freight depots, no large-scale satellite tracking and the idea that they could organise all this without help whilst their commanders hide in Raqua or the new ISIS headquarters in Libya which they have just set up, is stretching belief to breaking point. Turkey and President Erdogan’s son have such infrastructure and the means to unload oil onto ships, so do the Gulf states which continue to finance ISIS. They, of course, are in the wrong direction and are trying to reduce the flow of oil so as to put the American fracking companies out of business.

    Therefore, by a not so brilliant leap of logic we can see, as does Vladimir Putin, that it must be Turkey organising this and similar large-scale freight movements, and that given the fact that nothing happens in that country without President Erdogan’s say so and express instructions, he is probably fully complicit.

    President Obama has a different objective in mind, which is the removal of President Assad and the Balkanisation of Syria under various puppets. This is why, despite the weight of American air power, he has been unable to do what the Russians, with a fraction of America’s resources, are already doing.

    Obama supports Turkey which gives the American military large scale basing rights and is supposedly a NATO ally. He turns a blind eye to what ISIS is doing until it suits him otherwise and until he leaves office.
    This is why he takes the line as does David Cameron who also wants to remove Assad, that the process of destroying ISIS is “going to take time”, which in terms of years means up to four, which is almost as long as the First World War.

    Saying that you want to destroy ISIS and remove the Assad regime explains the four-year prognosis even though it could be done much faster if it suited him and the American arms manufacturers. Except that by allowing Turkey to bomb the Kurds, Obama ensures that the only really effective “boots on the ground ” are not up to the job of finishing off ISIS who he hopes will do the job of removing President Assad for him.

    This, prior to Balkanising Syria into powerless mini-states as happened in the Yugoslav conflict in the 1990’s.

    Of course, the ISIS link to the California shootings puts enormous political pressure on Obama. Like Dr Alf, I sense that Obama will have to up his game in his Sunday night address to the nation.

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