Xi announces $60b to aid Africa growth – Global Times

Xi Jinping 习近平

Xi Jinping 习近平 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important read from China’s leading paper the Global Times.

The article reports that President Xi Jinping proposed Friday that China and Africa lift their relationship to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, calling for joining hands to open a new era of common development.

Source: Xi announces $60b to aid Africa growth – Global Times

China is throwing around big bucks to secure strategic and geo-political advantage over America.

The article once again highlights how China has a carefully orchestrated grand strategy. It’s so different to Obama‘s fire-fighting – this is highlighted by the California alleged ISIS attack which has brought Obama’s foreign policy again under the spotlight.


San Bernardino shooter’s alleged Isis link: Obama’s worst political nightmare

This is an outstanding, must-read article from the Guardian.

The Guardian reports that an unwavering focus on gun control in the wake of Wednesday’s shooting may leave the president in an uncomfortable and likely untenable position.

Source: San Bernardino shooter’s alleged Isis link: Obama’s worst political nightmare

Confirmation that the California shooting is linked to Isis is a game-changer. It highlights that Obama’s policies have been ineffective and his approach to Isis has been too weak.

The Guardian analyzes the political winners and losers – the Republicans will want to make national security the presidential election priority and Clinton will want to be more hawkish and distanced from Obama.

The wild card of course is fear. Americans tend to react very strongly to terrorist risks. But history shows us that America is slow to anger but once bloodied, she is ready to deploy her full military & industrial capability.

To most international observers, Obama’s foreign policy has been a disaster from the beginning. Surely now Americans will not accept the American homeland at risk because of Obama’s dithering overseas?