Erdoğan gags Turkey – POLITICO

English: Politico button

English: Politico button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politico reports that a vengeful president turns on the country’s independent media.

Source: Erdoğan gags Turkey – POLITICO

Sadly, Turkey is being increasingly repressed. This article looks in depth at systematic media repression in Turkey.

Of course, so-called liberal US President Obama is closely allied to Turkey & is slow to point the finger – this is unlike President Putin, of course.


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  1. President Erdogan can be as repressive as he likes, but he cannot hide his treachery towards his NATO allies, his duplicity and his consorting with ISIS terrorists and medaieval cutthroats from the rest of us.Similarly, as he mismanages his own economy and steals Iraqi oil with the help of his son, his pretensions to be a new Sultan of an Ottoman Empire stretching from Europe to China, his creation of a golden palace 4 times bigger than Versailles are all exposed in the glare of internet based publicity.

    There are Turks all over the world and they can see what this man is doing and tell those still in the country what is going on.You cannot shut down the internet and expect businesses to trade and flourish all at the same time, so Erdogan’s days are probably numbered just as President Obama’s thankfully are.

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