Donald Trump calls for ‘total’ ban on Muslims entering United States – The Washington Post

According to the conservative Washington Post, the GOP presidential front-runner’s proposal would violate U.S. and international law, legal scholars say.

Source: Donald Trump calls for ‘total’ ban on Muslims entering United States – The Washington Post

Today, every major newspaper seems to be focusing on the Trump story. Many are deeply critical of Trump. Other Republican presidential candidates are distancing themselves from Trump. Liberal papers are digging the dirt on Trump.

For most, Trump has gone too far. Like many of his speeches, it’s questionable whether the rhetoric could be turned into policy.

However, Trump’s statement is a game-changer. It has neutralized Obama‘s call for calm from the Oval Office on Sunday night. Many believe that Obama’s bias towards Muslims is because he is a secret supporter – we shall perhaps find out when Obama makes millions from selling his next autobiography.

So even if Trump went too far, he has suceeded on raising the subject that has been taboo under the Obama regime.

The New Yorker is calling Trump the Le Pen of US politics – but the Front National won first place in France’s regional elections a few days ago.

Far-right politics is on the increase in Europe but has Trump now put it firmly on the mainstream political map in the map in the US?

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