Donald Trump, America’s modern Mussolini – The Washington Post

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, G...

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, Germany, ca. 06/1940 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this highly charged article in the Washington Post, the GOP front-runner is a fascist, and conservatives need to reject him.

Source: Donald Trump, America’s modern Mussolini – The Washington Post

Unlike the BBC’s alarmist article, the Post’s article is actually well argued. The thread is that Trump uses similar tools to fascists. So the conclusion is that Trump is a fascist and America’s modern Mussolini.

Again, I say that I don’t agree with Trump but surely it’s better to debate the issues rather than this extreme character assassination?


One response

  1. I agree with Dr Alf, character assassination of Donald Trump is no substitute for rational analysis of the man or what he has been saying.

    Donald Trump is bombastic, overbearing, insufferable, rather too keen on using the bankruptcy laws for his own ends over the top and bigoted, and extremely successful in business, but he is no Mussolini.

    Trump upset a Jewish audience last week by suggesting that they would vote for him but that he wouldn’t want money from them. In making that statement, he was being presumptuous because he didn’t know who was in the audience, had not asked them their voting intentions or what they thought of him, or whether they were even minded to support his campaign financially. Upsetting part of an important constituency like that in America is political suicide as without their total support and the support of certain other groups, you cannot be elected as American President. Trump will now use the criticism as an excuse to exit the Presidential race, citing the inability of the liberal establishment to say or print the truth.

    Both my late parents and my late grandparents knew exactly what life was like under Mussolini and his Fascists and from my late parents detailed descriptions of Mussolini, the man was as much unlike Trump as it is possible to be.
    However in his mannerisms he was, according to my late father, very like Gorbachev.

    Trump will soon have done his job which is to split the Republican vote, raise difficult issues, appear to give little people a voice, become an independent and go back to making more money.

    Then the tarnished Hillary Clinton will have a clear run at the White House as was planned all along.

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