Germany’s defiant decency in the refugee crisis – The Washington Post

This is an outstanding article from the Washington Post, which claims that Angela Merkel takes the lead in the cause for human dignity, a role once championed by the United States.

Source: Germany’s defiant decency in the refugee crisis – The Washington Post

I was particularly struck by this story, having received my own first hand report from Germany. Yesterday, we were with friends who had just returned from Hamburg and they described how the refugees were warmly welcomed to the Christmas Market. They described the herculean efforts of the German government to house the refugees and move them out of tents in the freezing German Winter. Touchingly, they described a scene at the Hamburg Christmas Market, where a Syrian refugee family, who were in second-hand clothes, and how an elderly German lady bought the children a present – and the faces of all beamed with instant happiness. My German friend explained that her father was a refugee, and many German families can relate to refugees after WWII, so this is in part what’s behind Germany’s national compassion – there’s also a certain embarrassment at Germany 20th century history.

Obviously, terrorists will continue to promote fear, and with attacks like in Paris, it plays the media’s focus to the Trumps of this world. But more Western papers should take the Posts lead and focus on decency – this is especially relevent ahead of Xmas. When I read stories like this, I understand why most Germans trust Angela Merkel.


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