It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump – John Cassidy – The New Yorker

John Cassidy, a staff writer at the New Yorker is one of my favorite American journalists. In this highly readable article Cassidy suggests that right now the question isn’t whether Trump could win the Republican nomination, it’s ‘What is it going to take to stop him?’

Source: It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump – The New Yorker

As an international observer, this excellent article provides some clarificion on what’s happening in America’s Republican Party.

Many international observers are now exploring the reality of a Trump presidency. It’s hard to say whether this is destabilizing; perhaps this is all just a reaction to Obama‘s ineffective leadership?



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  1. Dr Alf poses an interesting question because if Trump has changed his mind and thinks that Hillary, his personal friend, can not make the gruelling Presidential race then he might decide to go for it himself.

    I watched Trump being interviewed on CNN and on Fox News and I think he gave himself a get out.

    I also carefully watched a speech given by Trump in which he clearly used the “cornute”(horned devil), gesture with his right hand whilst waving at the crowd.

    Holding down your 2 inner fingers whilst outstretching the outer 2 is something that Bill Clinton and Bush both used to do along with numerous heavy metal rock musicians.

    Usually, people watching this sort of event first hand are full of drink, drugs or adrenalin so they miss signs like this and because they do not know what they mean, they dismiss them as an eccentric mannerism.

    Confucious gives us a hint at this sort of thing when he said “The world is ruled by signs and symbols” not by treaties or laws.

    Thus learning this sign language is key to understanding where top people are coming from rather than their speeches or written words.

    Donald Trump starts every speech with phrases like “I’m extremely smart” or “I’m extremely successful”, which he is but without recognising that he is being crass and bombastic.

    He knows what he is doing at all times so with that hand gesture those with eyes to see can see the next stage of the script and his true allegiance.

    Hillary Clinton will still win the Presidency because this is what has already been decided as it always is.

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