Opinion – Donald Trump’s Latest Feud Is With a Prince – First Draft. Political News, Now. – The New York Times – John Gelmini

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord Dannatt, the former head of the British Army has said that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan are providing money to ISIS, as has Vladimir Putin and Sir David Richards, another former head of the British Army.

Turkey, a NATO ally has been providing logistical support and engaging in the sale and shipment of stolen Iraqi oil. Money from these activities, drug dealing, drug dealing in Captagon, reported in the Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago has also aided ISIS.

Obama’s policy is to Balkanise Syria, remove Assad and help American arms companies sell the Gulf States who fund ISIS, more weapons.

Crushing ISIS is what the Pentagon wants to do because they have the sense to see that a Global Caliphate could if allowed to grow unfettered, become an almost unstoppable Frankenstein.

Obama does not really care about ISIS, he knows he will soon be out of office and neither understands nor cares about the mess he is creating and the World War which his actions could trigger.

John Gelmini

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