Opinion – Secret report warns of migration meltdown in Britain | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Dr Alf brings us an interesting post but one which cites a very old problem.

Successive UK Governments have been openly lying about immigration for years, both in terms of numbers and in terms of the effect on infrastructure and social fabric.

As far back as Harold MacMillan‘s period in office, his Government Commissioned a report to determine the optimum population for the country, using Government scientists and actuaries to assess the country’s population capacity against physical and financial resources. They said in 1953 that the ideal population was 25 million, with 35 million representing the upper limit. By 1945, after all the carnage of World War II, the population was 40 million so the Assisted Migration Programme was conceived. Australia and Canada were offered £2695 GBP for every man, woman, and child they took, but the sum and the fact that it was given was never disclosed to the British public but was disclosed to people in Australia who told me as much as far back as 1991.

The late Enoch Powell discovered how the Home Office during the tenure of Edward Heath, was fiddling the immigration figures and was sacked for his trouble. Heath pretended that Powell was sacked for his “Rivers of blood” speech and the matter of the fiddled immigration figures was swept under the carpet.

During the 1990s we had a shortage of dentists and construction workers and the Poles came. The then Labour Home Secretary said that 13,000 would come when he knew the figure was going to be, at least, 500,000. 1 million came, half went back but were replaced by Romanians and Bulgarians. David Blunkett the Labour Home Secretary at the time said that he could see “No logical upper limit” to immigration despite the fact that there was, even at that time, a shortage of 6 million houses.

Then there is the question of the 19 million spare NI numbers, which can allegedly be bought in pubs for a few hundred pounds and used as the basis for identity creation by Britain’s 7 million illegal immigrants, a verifiable by food sales, school admissions of undocumented children and notes and coins in circulation.

The housing shortage is now 12.5 million with houses being built at the rate of 100,000 a year and no prospect of systems building being employed to speed things up.

Legal immigration is running at 335,000 per annum and illegal immigration at an estimated 250,000 and a large section of the population is unproductive and for all intents and purposes unemployable.

No Government has sought to tackle this issue, preferring instead to allow more immigration but not reveal its full extent or the implications for housing availability for the indigenous population.

John Gelmini

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