Five Reasons the U.K. Won’t Quit the EU – WSJ

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According to Simon Nixon, the conventional wisdom is that the outcome of a planned referendum on the U.K.’s membership in the EU is wildly uncertain but several developments suggest that may be wrong.

Source: Five Reasons the U.K. Won’t Quit the EU – WSJ

This WSJ article is a recommended read.

Having also reblogged an insightful article in the Guardian today about the UK’s white working classes, it’s surely time to destroy the Brexit‘s hidden argument. It goes like this, with a Brexit there will be less immigrants and refugees, therefore there will be more jobs to go round?  I would argue that there will be far less jobs with a Brexit, as the UK would go into sharp decline and isolation. Investors like China are already looking at the political risk associated with a Brexit.


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  1. I concur with most of what has been said in the comments already posted, though I shall still vote for Brexit. I disagree that there would be less jobs to go round post-Brexit as most of those being taken now by immigrants are low-paid service industry ones in retail, catering and hospitality and there will still be a demand for these.

    So far the discussion about Brexit has catalysed people in other countries to think likewise and it should continue to do so. Getting rid of the morally reprehensible Common Agricultural Policy is a necessity. The alternative to a peaceful demerger of the EU is likely to be a not-so-peaceful implosion, as per the Soviet Union.

  2. The Wall Street Journal in this article via Dr Alf is correct in saying that the UK will not leave the EU, but the reason will be because the Bilderbergers have already decided that it will come what may.

    They decided who was going to be German Chancellor and who was going to be our Prime Minister and our approach to peace, war and so-called climate change.

    A long time ago they decided that Europe would be one country and that there would be 10 global unions which would eventually merge into a single Government for all the world with a single electronic currency.

    What the British people decide or think in this process is an irrelevance, they have no power, no real voice and no power and even if they vote to leave the EU they will be made to vote again until they produce the right answer.

    If they become truculent they will be faced with another engineered financial collapse even worse than the last one.

    As a non-betting man, I predict that a few Euro-skeptics will huff and puff but that the endgame of remaining in Europe will happen right on cue.

  3. It’s all about the money isn’t it?
    Everyone looking at the bottom line but ignores the feelings on the streets.
    The unemployed or those who have become underemployed while industry employs cheap labour.
    The rules and regulations that affect farming and food standards that increases waste.
    The taxation that gets used to pay the EU while we live in “Austerity”.
    The mass uncontrolled immigration under the guise of “migrant workers” who are exploiting open borders.
    The end of quota’s imposed on us yet ignored by others because our government is too weak to protest them.

    As for less jobs?
    Maybe yet with the migrants out less will be filled by our indigenous workforce.
    Closing markets?
    Nope, won’t happen.
    In a free market we can sell to whoever we want (thus opening new markets) and charge whatever we want. Don’t forget the EU need our business too. After all EU countries are suffering with the punitive sanctions they imposed on Russia.

    Then there is the question of sovereignty.
    Call me old fashioned but I liked living in GREAT Britain.
    The myth of the UNTIED Kingdom being something great has been lost as our borders came down and we have to take orders from an unelected bureaucracy. One union under Germany.

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