Lazy, drunken, promiscuous, rude … why the UK loves to hate young white men | UK news | Mike Savage – The Guardian

White men in their 20s are the least respected social group in Britain, according to a poll published last week – and also the least likely to go to university. But the truth may be more complex according to the author, Mike Savage, professor of sociology at London School of Economics.

Source: Lazy, drunken, promiscuous, rude … why the UK loves to hate young white men | UK news | The Guardian

This is an outstanding must-right article. He takes a longitudinal look at the changing fortunes of the UK’s white working classes. He contrasts the latest survey with the 1950s. Let me give you a flavor:

Alan Sillitoe’s classic 1950s novels Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner perfectly exemplify this image of a rugged, dogged, cussed – but also resilient – masculinity.

Traditional manual jobs were lost when UK industry could not longer compete with low-cost production from the Far East. Both management and unions were slow to change. Then we saw the impact of technology replacing traditional manual skills.

With technology more and more likely to engineer out manual and clerical jobs, surely it is perhaps time for the UK government to consider reintroducing national service?

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  1. National service? To what end?
    Will it create jobs? Will it make the UK back into GREAT Britain? That would be No.

    Anyway is there a military threat to the UK that warrants national service?
    Possibly yet if there is why have so many of the armed forces been SACKED!

    National service won’t change attitudes, it’ll harden those that exist.
    The hardening being the youth of today seeing no future for them under a government that doesn’t give a damn.

    The current politics of Europe and the UK have made this mess..
    That will continue until the whole system is changed back to what it once was.
    No political correctness, imposed multiculturalism, and NO liberal limp wrist politics.
    Individual countries, self governing, retaining their sovereignty, exercising control on who they let in, with their own currencies, and free to trade with whoever they want.

  2. The truth is more complex than Professor Mike Savage suggests in this otherwise excellent piece in the Guardian brought to us courtesy of Dr Alf.
    The words “class” and “accent” are not mentioned once yet the moment a C1, C2, D or E opens his or her mouth they are condemned as lacking polish or being thick in University milk round interviews by classist employers who compare the voices they hear to their own.

    The same happens if they encounter selection boards for the civil service, assuming they manage to get that far.

    Even people who sound and look the part can find themselves rejected for positions because of their postcode because their surname seems strange, (Not British enough), because they are not a member of a particular society, grouping and even the timing of their university or further education.

    One might be forgiven for thinking that someone who left school at 16 did A levels at night and who completed an MBA at night whilst working in a different country would be seen as disciplined and more motivated than someone who had remained in the UK, completed A levels and then gone on to University in the conventional way. Sadly you would be wrong, the right alumnus plus getting your qualifications at the same time as your interrogator makes you a PLU (Person Like Us), doing things the hard way makes you an outsider and often “persona non grata”.

    Then there is the question of dress. Young C1, C2 males are not taught how to match colours together or the value of certain brands of shoes, shirts and suits, whereas those who have been privately educated are taught all of these things.

    Working class people walk a certain way as do people from the favoured classes and they also use different body language, sentence construction, illustrative examples and methods of greeting.

    Those who are favoured use these to winnow out those deemed to be “not good enough” in all kinds of situations which are why the UK has never been a meritocracy and probably never will be.

    National Service should be reintroduced in order to inculcate self-reliance, personal organisation and self-discipline on people.

    However, with automation, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, offshoring AI and cybernetics a lot of these young working class men will have to become self-employed or do what my late parents and millions of others have done, migrate overseas, learn another language and find work in countries about which they know nothing.

    The system of education as now constituted and the culture does not equip these working class young men to compete unless they have exceptional talents or are discovered by Simon Cowell and transmuted into celebrities.
    Well, meaning academics like Professor Mike Savage and the broken system of hiring people plus the education system all have to change before anything will really improve for this latter-day set of pariahs.

    I suspect we will be waiting till doomsday.

    Young people, especially young working class people, must help themselves to acquire the social and technical skills to survive and succeed in tomorrow’s world.

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