Clinton vows to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025 | TheHill

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzhei...

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer’s disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Washington paper, The Hill reports that the Democratic presidential front-runner Hilary Clinton vows to spend $2 billion per year to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025.

Source: Clinton vows to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025 | TheHill

I’m not and never have been a Clinton supporter but I’m impressed. Having lost a friend to Alzheimer’s, this pledge is real for me. It’s also in sharp contrast to Obama‘s hollow promises.



Opinion – Five Reasons the U.K. Won’t Quit the EU – WSJ – John Gelmini

Location map: United Kingdom (dark green) / Eu...

Location map: United Kingdom (dark green) / European Union (light green) / Europe (dark grey); inspired by and consistent with general country locator maps by User:Vardion, et al (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wall Street Journal in this article via Dr Alf is correct in saying that the UK will not leave the EU, but the reason will be because the Bilderbergers have already decided that it will come what may. They decided who was going to be German Chancellor and who was going to be our Prime Minister and our approach to peace, war and so-called climate change. A long time ago they decided that Europe would be one country and that there would be 10 global unions which would eventually merge into a single Government for all the world with a single electronic currency. I know that Dr Alf regards the Bilderbergers as simply a meeting of the rich and famous rather than a policy-making group.

What the British people decide or think in this process is an irrelevance, they have no power, no real voice and even if they vote to leave the EU, they will be made to vote again until they produce the right answer. If they become truculent, they will be faced with another engineered financial collapse even worse than the last one.

As a non-betting man, I predict that a few Euro-skeptics will huff and puff but that the endgame of remaining in Europe will happen right on cue.

John Gelmini