Clinton vows to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025 | TheHill

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzhei...

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer’s disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Washington paper, The Hill reports that the Democratic presidential front-runner Hilary Clinton vows to spend $2 billion per year to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025.

Source: Clinton vows to find Alzheimer’s cure by 2025 | TheHill

I’m not and never have been a Clinton supporter but I’m impressed. Having lost a friend to Alzheimer’s, this pledge is real for me. It’s also in sharp contrast to Obama‘s hollow promises.



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  1. Like Dr Alf I am impressed by this pledge by Hillary Clinton even though I am not fond of her politics and murky track record, wparticularly with regard to the Libyan dedacle and the associated skulduggery which we will eventually uncover.

    Alzheimers, like Dementia, has many causal factors which are already known and which the public, local authorities and health services the world over need to be educated about.

    Some of these require Government action whilst others including replacing all aluminium cooking pots and utensils and replacing them with stainless steel are things which people can do for themselves.

  2. I worked in dementia care, and Mrs. Clinton hasn’t. Alzheimer’s is more of a natural side effect than a disease in the traditional sense. All organs and tissues reach a “sell by” date, including brains. The overall “cause” of Alzheimer’s is more people surviving to an older age. Early onset types are quite rare by comparison. We might learn to slow the process, and learn more about things to avoid aging our brain tissue prematurely, but the only CURE is dying younger. Well, she’s smart. Perhaps she will learn.

    The emphasis should instead be on palliative care, on accepting hospice as a pragmatic alternative. Our dominant culture has such an irrational fear of death. It seems like most people can’t see it as natural, or do things to ease unnecessary suffering instead of opting for “heroic measures” that cause discomfort, confusion and avoidable pain for patients and their families with only a minuscule benefit in terms of extending life. Most caregivers I worked with are from non-American cultures, where death is accepted as normal. They gravitate more easily toward easing suffering during an inevitable process of decline. The majority of Americans just haven’t been able to look at the situation honestly. I do have hope this will change, because dying from dementias is going to be much more common in future, not rarer.

    There are about 30 kinds of specified dementias currently, with more under study. Alzheimer’s gets the attention because it comprises 75% of all dementia patients, but vascular, Lewy body and substance abuse-related dementias are well known too. I’m all for learning more about the formation of plaques etc. but this is one of those situations where humans can’t innovate their way out of it.

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