Opinion – The refugee crisis is forcing Germans to ask: who are we? | Jenny Erpenbeck | Opinion | The Guardian – John Gelmini

This is an insightful article from the Guardian’s writer, novelist Jenny Erpenbeck via Dr Alf and it illustrates what happens to a country if its leader simply opens the floodgates to 1 million people without proper explanation.

It is insightful to me because it manages to leave out a great many important factors which are relevant to why people in Germany feel fear and are keen still to assuage their guilt. In the first place, not all the people were refugees, at least 180 different nationalities are included in the number of people involved, and the EU simply re-categorised many economic migrants who were not refugees at all, as refugees.

Thus Merkel and the EU apparatchiks, plus papers like the Guardian, have been misreporting the problem, along with organisations like the BBC whose executives and “personalities” would take a different view if their Berkshire villages had to take the full brunt of so many newcomers.
The fear of embedded terrorists and jihadists is justified because unlike the UK, which sells arms to the funders of ISIS in the Gulf and which exerts control over them in secret, Germany, France and much of Europe is in a different position.

Germany has felt guilt as a nation because of the past and the Holocaust and that ingrained guilt was exploited by Merkel in order to get people in that country to accept large numbers of Syrian refugees and reclassified economic migrants. People are now beginning to see that the process was too fast and that with too many Muslims, not all of whom will easily assimilate into the German way of life, their way of life, based on a long tradition of Judeo Christian philosophy in the Lutheran tradition, the entire fabric of the country is about to change. Germans know who they are and what the country is but they do not know what the country is to become.

Thus fear is based on fear of the unknown caused by Merkel’s failure to communicate her vision for the country and her failure to articulate the demographic problems caused by too many elderly Germans with no-one to pay for them. People need reassurance and a clear explanation. They have received neither which is an unsatisfactory state of affairs and will lead to trouble.

John Gelmini

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