Cost of UK floods tops £5bn, with thousands facing financial ruin | Environment | The Guardian

In this image, the Severn-Wash line is shown i...

In this image, the Severn-Wash line is shown in yellow, the Severn-Trent line in blue, the Tees-Exe line in red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Guardian article reports that leading accountant says many victims have inadequate or non-existent insurance, as PM faces growing anger over north-south ‘funding gap’.

Source: Cost of UK floods tops £5bn, with thousands facing financial ruin | Environment | The Guardian

Whilst this view is politically charged, it’s also correct. London has benefited enormously under Cameron. Meanwhile, the regions have suffered from austerity and under-investment.

Surely, if the government does not manage the public sector effectively, it is time for regional taxes?



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  1. Another interesting article from Dr Alf about the cost of flooding topping £5 billion GBP and about to rise when storm Frederick arrives.

    There will be more trouble and years there has been little or no investment in flood defences for this part of the country since before I was a small child sent to Patterdale and Ullswater for my annual holiday.

    Various parties are to blame for this including the Met Office who are so bad at weather forecasting that even the BBC have been forced to sack them having followed Tesco PLC who fired them 3 years ago.

    The Government is to blame because it knew these forecasts were wrong but still chose not to improve the infrastructure in Cumbria because it really only favours London and economic powerhouses like Cambridge which is in receipt of billions and due to get a lot more.

    The truth is if you earn more than £250,000 GBP you are listened to and if you donate to the Conservative Party as well you are given very close attention.

    Cumbria has seen better days as a tourist attraction having been superceded by warmer climates and it has failed to diversify its economic base or move with the times.

    This is the fault of local authorities and people living there being too passive and complacent.

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