Iran fires rockets near US aircraft carrier | TheHill

Obama listens to a question during a on Sand H...

Obama listens to a question during a on Sand Hill Road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hill cites a U.S. official calling the incident “certainly unnecessarily provocative” and “unsafe”, when Iran fired rockets near a US aircraft carrier.

Source: Iran fires rockets near US aircraft carrier | TheHill

Let’s face it, Iran is laughing at Obama. Obama thinks he has secured a historic nuclear deal with Iran. The reality is more likely that he has allowed it prosper, stretch her muscles and look to increasing her regional influence. From different perspectives, Saudi Arabia and Israel were both probably right in their views on Iran. But Obama’s view prevailed – he only listened to his favored advisors. It will be interesting to see how history remembers Obama’s foreign policy.


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  1. Another fine post via Dr Alf.

    A prosperous Iran is not a problem as long as the West contains it and looks to the future by engaging with their young people who in most cases would like a more liberated Western lifestyle.

    The present Iranian leadership consists of much better negotiators than Europe and America chose to send which makes them dangerous to our interests.

    Israel’s judgement about the nuclear weapons agreement was probably right but Saudi Arabia is a bigger threat to world stability than Iran because of its support for dangerous Wahabi philosophy and ISIS.

    What we do about Iran’s growing influence and the future bankruptcy of the House of Saud due to low oil prices and diminishing tax revenues is another matter but the West needs to be ready to effect regime change across all the Gulf States whilst achieving rapprochement with Russia to contain Iran’s Mullahs.

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