Sugar tax: financially regressive but progressive for health? | Society | The Guardian

The Guardian claims that, as with tobacco tax, the health benefits in terms of disease reduction will be felt far more strongly among the less well-off.

Source: Sugar tax: financially regressive but progressive for health? | Society | The Guardian

The Guardian’s article is full of political bias. The case for restricting sugar consumption to protect health is overwhelming. The UK has a full blown obesity crisis. George Osborne was right to finally come down hard on sugar.


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  1. The Guardian actually shoots itself in the foot, in this article brought to us by Dr Alf.

    Obesity afflicts the poor and those it pretends to care about by causing strain on the NHS which is now not fit for purpose, by making the poor less likely to get a job and thus keeping them poor and it has brought UK productivity further down so that we are now 25th in the world, rendering many UK workers completely useless to employers.
    That, in turn, induces those employers to automate the work, offshore it or use foreign labour.

    Osborne needs to keep his nerve and go much harder on the drinks industry and the food manufacturers, the flavourings industry and fast food chains. In addition, local authorities that use zoning laws to design out fast food outlets and design in healthy restaurants and food outlets should get higher standard spending assessments but those who fail to do so should have money withdrawn from them until they merge with more efficient councils to produce overall headcount reductions with no deterioration in measurable service quality.

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