Chances of Corbyn dealing with Labour antisemitism are zero | Stephen Pollard – The Jewish Chronicle

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Image of New Statesman Cover from wikipedia commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read editorial by Stephen Pollard, published by JC.Com.

Pollard writes, another day, another set of revelations about antisemitism in the Labour Party. Three of them so far today. Then at PMQs David Cameron was given an open goal by a question from Finchley MP Mike Freer, asking if he agreed that all organisations “should root out anti-Semitism without hesitation”.

Source: Chances of Corbyn dealing with Labour antisemitism are zero | The Jewish Chronicle

Although conservative in my political views, I have also been historically an admirer of the UK Labour Party. However, under Corbyn, the UK Labour Party has been hijacked by extreme left-wing politics, where political dogma prevails over evidence, values and integrity.

Being Jewish and a former resident of Finchley, North London, I identify strongly with David Cameron’s intervention here.

It’s time to hold liberal and left-wing politicians and their supporting media (like the New Statesman and the Guardian) to account for the integrity of their beliefs and actions.


Opinion – Let Donald Trump be our unifier | Eve Ensler | Opinion | The Guardian – John Gelmini

English: Eve Ensler in New York, 2010.

English: Eve Ensler in New York, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right, Donald Trump may be brash, sometimes crude, hectoring and over the top but he has brought issues to the table that would otherwise have never seen the light of day.

I suspect he will not be elected and that we will get Hillary Clinton, so there is no “Day of reckoning”.

The author, Eve Ensler, puts on rubbish masquerading as art but is happy enough to live in America and make money in a country she despises in print in a left-wing British newspaper like the Guardian.

A person of principle would leave America and live elsewhere but Ensler chooses to remain despite her misgivings.

The Guardian is part of a global campaign to rubbish Trump that started the moment he wrong-footed the Republican establishment and the sorry looking selection of candidates they put forward.

Had Trump not resonated with ordinary Americans, who are tired of Obama’s uselessness, we would never have heard from Ensler, this purveyor of quasi-pornography, still less from the tax evading Guardian Media Group and its left-wing newspaper.

John Gelmini