Poor intel sharing within EU played role in Brussels attacks – Ex-CIA head — RT News

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Seal of the C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency of the United States Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Russia Today logo

English: Russia Today logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to leading Russian news agency RT, the former head of the NSA and CIA, Michael Hayden, has castigated EU secret services for being too fixated on privacy issues and for suffering from poor intelligence sharing in combatting terrorism, saying that those gaps led to the Paris and Brussels attacks.

Source: Poor intel sharing within EU played role in Brussels attacks – Ex-CIA head — RT News

This is an insightful and worrying article.

Apart from the failures in handling intelligence, the article considers the explosive political context in Europe

Those failures were compounded in recent years by the fact that the Europeans have allowed religious communities to radicalize and become isolated from society, Hayden said.

It’s worth reflecting on the implications for wider European government and indeed governance.

Perhaps, it’s time for Europe to have a change from Angela Merkel’s vision of Europe?


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  1. This is an insightful piece by Dr Alf and the views of former NSA and CIA head Michael Hayden are reflected by what others in MI6 have been saying.

    Two days ago the head of Europol said that “We have to do more” and then went on to say that “5000 jihadis were at large”. This means that Europol hasn’t the faintest idea where they are or what they are doing whereas when the UK had trouble in Northern Ireland we would have SAS men watching the addresses of known IRA armourers and assassins around the clock and following them about. One particularly dangerous IRA killer was watched by a special British Army unit for 37 hours before being “terminated with extreme prejudice with a long range sniper rifle.

    Merkel’s vision for Europe is a union stretching right up to the Russian border and incorporating Turkey and the Ukraine, with Germany at its centre and a central controlling constellation of north European countries and concentric rings of EU countries within grades of EU membership.

    Central to this vision is the concept of a borderless environment and the dilution of Judeo-Christian values into a form of multiculturalism where all values are equal and the EU uses Turkey to absorb migrants from up to 180 different countries, transmute them into Turkish citizens and thus into EU citizens, starting in 2021.

    This might work if Europe had a booming economy with double-digit growth, sufficient exports, housing and space. The reality is it doesn’t and that means that if enough jobs cannot be produced those disadvantaged migrants are going to be radicalised .

    Secondly, the indigenous people of the EU have not been consulted and are perfectly happy with their Judeo -Christian heritage and wish to preserve it. Those refugees and economic migrants coming into the EU do not share Merkel’s vision but rather, intend to bring about a Global Caliphate stretching into Northern China but excluding the UK and Italy but including Spain, France and Belgium.

    Turkey, a NATO member and part of Merkel’s and Cameron’s enlargement strategy for the EU wants to regain the Ottoman empire which the British and Commonwealth troops destroyed in 1918 and to achieve that it will continue to assist ISIS and its Gulf State funders until it has fully embedded itself plus the refugees it takes in,into the EU. It then hopes to seize back its old empire by force of arms, whilst the EU starts to break up in disarray and possible Yugoslav-style civil war.

    All of this ignores what Russia has said many times, namely that it will not tolerate an EU which extends right up to its Western border and ignores what America will soon be saying and is saying via Donald Trump about NATO burden sharing of defence costs.

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