Don’t speak German? No residency: Berlin says refugees must integrate in order to stay — RT News

Russia’s top international news agency RT reports that refugees in Germany could lose their permanent right to residency if they fail to learn German and integrate into society, assuming that a new draft law proposed by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere is put into practice.

Source: Don’t speak German? No residency: Berlin says refugees must integrate in order to stay — RT News

The article examines Germany’s hardening  attitudes to immigration. After the popular welcome to refugees last Summer and Angela Merkel‘s rose-tinted policies, Germans are now increasingly in fear, especially women. Unfortunately, immigration policy in Germany is behind the curve and probably needs a complete reappraisal. Merkel has tried to plug the flow via Turkey but the smugglers are already switching resources to North Africa.

Germany can learn from decades of mistakes by the UK Labour Party that encouraged multiculturalism and reduced the concept of ‘Britishness‘. It’s a far cry from in the US or Canada where people are proud of their national identity.

The article is important because Germany is effectively leading the EU and we are witnessing a sea change in policy.


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  1. Dr Alf is correct in his assessment. It is, of course, too late for Germany to “harden its attitudes” towards migrants whilst at the same time, as we learned yesterday in another excellent blog from Dr Alf that a German train company is to introduce female-only carriages and position the guard closer to where its female passengers are sitting.

    Insisting at the 11th hour that migrants learn German is going to create trouble because the migrants were not let into the country on that basis and as I said at the time in response to an earlier blog from Dr. Alf, the early euphoria complete with Lutheran Bishops and well-wishers bearing gifts and offering migrants places to stay would give way to a darker and unpleasant reality.

    Of course, the smugglers are switching their resources to North Africa; Libya is in North Africa and just happens to be the new headquarters for ISIS and fairly close to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

    Of course, Turkey which now gets £3 billion GBP a year under the deal struck with Merkel, Cameron and Poland’s Donald Tusk, stands to benefit if it can keep getting the £3 billion GBP a year, take in fewer migrants than it has already calculated for and become an EU member in 2021. These 3 blundering leaders should have seen this one coming, but then, compared to Erdogan, they were in negotiating terms lambs ready to be devoured by a very large and dangerous wolf.
    Whichever civil service Mandarins from the Foreign Office were party to putting this deal on migrants together deserve to be unceremoniously dismissed without a penny in compensation and the sooner Merkel, Cameron and Tusk, three latter day stooges move on, the better.

    Turkey, which of course has been associated with ISIS jihadis, providing nursing facilities, providing doctors to treat injured fighters, jointly smuggling oil with ISIS, acting as a conduit for heroin from Afghanistan and Captagon a drug which ISIS uses and trafficks has an interest in people smuggling itself. It also acts as a “rat run” for jihadis fleeing Russian and American air strikes whereby ever growing numbers of them can find their way into migrant streams entering into Europe to cause trouble there.

    Sooner or later the EU is going to have to recognise that the only way to deal with this crisis of its own deliberate making is the modern equivalent of the expulsion of the Moors from Spain coupled with not trying to expand the EU to the Russian border, something that will lead to World War III.

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