Opinion – Meet Raul, Yong Bao and Ashima- new characters brought in to help revamp Thomas the Tank Engine | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thomas the Tank Engine was a story that I can remember well from my childhood because its underlying message came from the man who wrote it who was an English clergyman.

The messages in the story were about morals, how to behave and all those were based on the same Judeo-Christian ethics upon which the UK is founded.

Adding different trains to updated versions of the original stories is one thing but like Dr. Alf, I would worry about very young children being inculcated with multiculturalism at too young an age.

The time to learn comparative religions and philosophies is when you are older and you have a benchmark with which to compare Christian or Jewish values with those of Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Zen Buddhist, Sikh and other traditions as well as atheism, agnosticism, gnostic philosophy and more esoteric thinking.

John Gelmini

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