Opinion – Italy reports rescue of almost 1,500 northbound migrants off Libya | The Japan Times (via API) – John Gelmini

The short answer to Dr Alf’s question is that EU immigration policy is ineffective but the longer answer is that EU leaders like Merkel have wanted a borderless Europe for some time and would like to see the EU enlarged right up to Russia’s western border and then extended to include Israel and selected parts of North Africa with young populations and mineral resources.

This would fit the concept of a modernised Roman Empire, with Germany on its head, and would not be so different to the geographical coverage envisaged by Hitler some 80 years ago in his wilder rantings about “living space”.

The difference now is, of course, the idea of accelerating the natural pace of race mixing which is happening anyway through airline travel and social media, smartphones and permitted migration so that in the end, we stop being white, oriental, brown or black but rather become homogenized into a human being who most closely resembles Tiger Woods the golfer.

We will not be told any of this of course but will be made to think that the migrant “problem” is something that is a consequence of global forces, the Russians causing mayhem in Syria and events which our EU leaders could not possibly have foreseen but which they have a duty to deal with.

The powers that be in our various EU governments aided by state broadcasters like the BBC and Channel 4 will and are pushing the mantra that:
1) Islam is a peaceful religion

2) That all the migrants are in fact refugees

3) That there is no alternative to taking them all in and that to question this makes you a Fascist,out of date, a little Englander, a bigot and someone who should feel ashamed

4)  That EU leadership including David Cameron during his remaining tenure is striving manfully to “solve” the problem

5) That there is no difficulty with subverting our culture and Judeo-Christian values in order to solve the problem

6) That as more “refugees” come to the EU we must all “Do more”,”Step up to the plate”

7) That issues of mass rape and embedded jihadis amongst the “refugees” are isolated incidents and should be accepted as quite normal

We need to wake up, recognise the fact that we are being taken for imbeciles and en masse demand that these treasonous and useless leaders be replaced with people who are competent who understand that their job is to improve overall prosperity and uphold the Judeo-Christian heritage we all enjoy but which our forefathers fought and died for.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Meet Raul, Yong Bao and Ashima- new characters brought in to help revamp Thomas the Tank Engine | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thomas the Tank Engine was a story that I can remember well from my childhood because its underlying message came from the man who wrote it who was an English clergyman.

The messages in the story were about morals, how to behave and all those were based on the same Judeo-Christian ethics upon which the UK is founded.

Adding different trains to updated versions of the original stories is one thing but like Dr. Alf, I would worry about very young children being inculcated with multiculturalism at too young an age.

The time to learn comparative religions and philosophies is when you are older and you have a benchmark with which to compare Christian or Jewish values with those of Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian, Zen Buddhist, Sikh and other traditions as well as atheism, agnosticism, gnostic philosophy and more esoteric thinking.

John Gelmini