Former Defense secretary: Obama ‘double-crossed’ me | TheHill

English: Official portrait of United States Se...

English: Official portrait of United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Español: Retrato oficial de Secretario de Defensa de los Estados Unidos Robert Gates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an amazing story by Washington based political newspaper, The Hill. It reports that Robert Gates, the former Defense Secretary said Obama broke a promise about budget cuts to the Pentagon.

Source: Former Defense secretary: Obama ‘double-crossed’ me | TheHill

Reading the article carefully, one gets the clear impression that Obama was wary of using America’s military strength. Obama’s foreign policy decisions have been a complete disaster for America. Time and time again we have seen Obama outfoxed by Russia and China.

Let’s hope that America’s next president is more successful with US foreign policy.


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  1. Dr. Alf has correctly identified in this piece from” The Hill”, that Obama has had a run of foreign policy failures due to being outfoxed by the Russians and the Chinese who are much better at negotiating than Obama and for that matter most of our Western leaders.
    One can only hope that whoever follows him will be much better at this than he was and that they will be people ,to copy Teddy Roosevelt who knows how to negotiate whilst “Speaking softly and carrying a very big stick”.

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