Opinion – ‘For ISIS to survive, it needs support from allies: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the US’ — RT Op-Edge – John Gelmini

English: Map showing the territories of the Ot...

English: Map showing the territories of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, including nominal and vassal territories. According to the information on the map in http://ottomanmilitary.devhub.com/ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gregory R-Copley in his article in RT, via Dr. Alf, is correct in all respects. ISIS needs the assistance of the Gulf States for funding and equipment and it needs Turkey for logistics, training, the provision of “rat runs” for fleeing ISIS fighters and selectively open borders to permit the smuggling of drugs like Captagon and of course oil, nursing and medical facilities for injured ISIS fighters.

The UK indirectly assists ISIS by not curtailing the source of funds from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait, some of which emanates from London where the rulers of these countries also like to invest their millions.

America holds the key in that it has the military power to replace all the rulers of these regimes including President Erdogan with more compliant puppets and it has the ability short of that to bring President Erdogan to heel. It chooses not to because it wants an enlarged EU pressing up against the Russian border and extending into North Africa to include Israel and it would like to see ISIS destabilise Iran and the Muslim States of Southern Russia. For this last objective to be met, it needs Turkey to harbour ISIS fighters and provide them with succour and training. To do that President Erdogan has to be kept on board and reassured that his dream of reviving the Ottoman Empire is something that America supports, until such time as it suits America to either replace Erdogan or make their next move.

John Gelmini

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