Spain: Courses on Islam in Public Schools – Gatestone Institute

Mosque of Cordoba

Mosque of Cordoba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mosque of Cordoba3

Mosque of Cordoba3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article by the Gatestone Institute is worth a read. The guidelines for teaching Islam in public schools — drafted by the Islamic Commission of Spain and approved by the Ministry of Education — are aimed at stirring religious fervor and promoting Islamic identity among young Muslims in Spain. The guidelines are being touted as a way to prevent Muslim children and young people from being drawn into terrorism by exposing them to a “moderate” interpretation of Islam.

Source: Spain: Courses on Islam in Public Schools

Reading the article, I sense that ordinary Spanish people will be deeply worried by the risks associated with the proposed shift in policy.

The Gatestone analysis concludes:

In the end, the new guidelines may end up achieving a completely undesired objective: serving as gateway to radical Islam for tens of thousands of young Muslims in Spain.


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  1. The Spanish Government clearly has a death wish for itself as identified obliquely in this excellent piece by Dr Alf. That Government surely must have wondered why the map that ISIS publicised of the future shape and extent of their Global Caliphate shows Spain and France under the ISIS banner plus chunks of Northern China,Africa and former Soviet Central Asian States but leaves out Italy and the UK.
    There is no such thing as peaceful and moderate Islam,it is a religion that from inception 1400 years ago was founded on militaristic lines and believed in forced conversion,conquest,invasion by stealth,outbreeding local populations and jihad(Holy War).
    The BBC 2015 survey into the attitudes of Muslims shows the real attitudes of Muslims as does recent events of sexual abuse in Rochdale.
    Words like kuffar,pig,apostate, unbeliever demonstrate intolerance and insistence on subjugating woman to second class citizens and the application of Sharia Law when our laws are based on Judeo-Christian ethics ought to send a message to the brain dead Spanish educationalists that creating “Islamic fervour” in the young or anyone else is the very last thing they should be doing.
    It will result in racial tension,acts of terrorism which the Spanish military will have to deal with,more anti- Semitism,ghettos,an exodus of Spaniards with money and eventual Islamisation of Spain.

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