Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS – Russian envoy to UN — RT News

English: Russia Today logo

English: Russia Today logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RT reports, citing Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin, that Moscow has submitted data on Turkey’s illegal arms and military hardware supply to Islamic State in Syria to the UN Security Council. It claims that supplies are supervised by the Turkish intelligence service.

Source: Turkey is key supplier of weapons, military hardware to ISIS – Russian envoy to UN — RT News

Whilst the link between Turkey and ISIS is not new, providing hard evidence to the UN Security Council raises the ante and brings Turkey’s foreign policy under international scrutiny.

Sadly, at Angela Merkel‘s instigation, the EU has recently agreed to give Turkey billions of Euro.

Surely, this article highlights that European policy is a complete shambles?


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  1. This RT piece courtesy of Dr. Alf is particularly interesting because now that the UN has Russian-supplied evidence of Turkish complicity in the supply and training of ISIS it remains to be seen whether anyone will do anything or admit anything.
    The military hardware that Turkey supplies are not for the most part Turkish,we see ISIS fighters driving GM Humvees which come from America,Toyota pickup trucks which could come from almost anywhere.
    Then there is the money with which these weapons and pieces of military hardware are purchased,most of it comes from Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Kuwait and Jordan all of which are countries we sell arms to and who invest heavily in the City of London.
    It could be that the UK, America, and Europe choose to ignore this Russian evidence for fear of implicating themselves ,stopping the flow of Gulf State inward investment and curtailing future arms sales.
    Turkey is key to holding back and absorbing the migrant flow or so we are told, for that they are to get £3 billion GBP a year under the deal struck between Erdogan,Merkel, Cameron, and Tusk .
    Are we going to upset Erdogan by giving credence to this Russian evidence of Turkish treachery and duplicity?
    The answer is no ,we will posture ,talk about the need to fight Daesh/ISIS,talk about the need to deal with refugees and probably blame the Russians for their bombing campaign as the cause of more Syrian refugees.
    Turkey will be absolved of blame because we secretly wish to use them to destabilise Russia’s southern flank and create a Uighur breakaway state in northern China using the 400,000 Uighurs that Turkey is training to go into that part of China under the ISIS banner and start a jihad.

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