18 people Brexit campaigners think they’re smarter than over the EU – Chris Bryant – Mirror Online

The Mirror cites Labour’s Chris Bryant arguing that Brexit campaigners claim they know better than NATO, Norway, Winston Churchill and the Bank of England, writes

Source: 18 people Brexit campaigners think they’re smarter than over the EU – Chris Bryant – Mirror Online

My view is quite simple, look at the evidence and the downside risks of a Brexit. The out campaign is big on rhetoric but light on real deliverables.


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  1. In this article in the Mirror, courtesy of Dr Alf, we hear from Chris Bryant, a diminutive Labour spokesperson whose choice of examples is questionable.

    Churchill was always in favour of a United States of Europe but did not always have sound judgement as evidenced by the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in World War 1. People say he was a great man who helped the UK win the 2nd World War but the reality is that without America and Russia we would have lost that war so other than his oratory I do not place him on a pedestal in the annals of history through rose tinted spectacles.

    The Governor of the Bank of England is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker and that firm fiddled Greece’s finances so that it could join the Euro when it and the Greek Government knew perfectly well that Greece was an economic basket case which EU taxpayers have had to bail out 3 times and very soon a 4th time.

    Bryant says NATO wants us to be in the EU. To that, I say I’m not surprised because America wants to defend itself and has always seen Europe as the first line in a series of concentric rings of layered defence. Nation states in Europe with conflicting loyalties would weaken that layered defence so they prefer a single bloc with Germany at its central core plus a greater contribution of money “burden sharing”.

    The EU was not able to stop a war in Europe when we had the Yugoslav War, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, mass graves and murders of civilians, indeed, it was the late Chancellor Kohl of Germany who started it by recognising Bosnia at a meeting where other EU leaders were present in the same room and took no action to persuade him to act otherwise. Furthermore, this same Chancellor Kohl gave Croatia a billion GBP with which to establish a war chest and ethnically cleanse areas adjacent to Croatia which had been populated by Serbs for over 100 years.

    I could go through the rest of Bryant’s article but his arguments and examples are not particularly convincing and it is better to look at the evidence as Dr Alf says.

    I start with the question “What do we know?”

    We were told in 1975 at the first referendum that membership of the EU would:

    1) Provide us with millions of jobs in a free market of 550 million people

    2) Prevent another war in mainland Europe, bind Germany to France within Europe so that Germany would never again dominate Europe in the way that it had tried to do so twice before

    3) That membership of the EC as it was called then would ensure that world leaders in the “great councils of the world” would be more likely to listen to us if they knew that the rest of Europe was in accord with us and would if push came to shove speak with one voice using our words and our combined economic muscle to press our case

    4) Under Tony Blair, we were told that membership of the EU would ensure that when we went to Washington and Beijing the “Traffic lights would turn green for us”.
    What we know now is that annual membership of this organisation costs us a nett £12 billion GBP a year plus the costs of additional EU regulations which are in accounting terms almost impossible to quantify but must cost something.

    My second question is what progress has been made to fulfil these promises made to us in 1975 some 41 years later?

    1) Not 1 nett new job has been created other than in Germany which would have created those jobs in any event because they have a Mittelstand have the 2nd highest level of exports in the world and have 2,500 World class companies compared to the UK’s 400

    2) We had the Yugoslav Civil War with many dead and the breakaway Serb leader Milosevic conveniently poisoned just before calling Bill Clinton and Tony Blair for cross-examination in his defence at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

    3) The EU has as its ambassadors Baroness Catherine Ashton and Van Rompuy. Both are singularly nondescript and unimpressive people that would be hard for anyone to take seriously. Catherine Ashton has a telephone which is not answered after 8.30 pm at night and dresses like a provincial infant school teacher rather than a serious stateswoman and Van Rompuy looks like a cross between Gollum in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and a bespectacled credit control manager in a Birmingham SME engineering firm or a junior clerk operating on the Slough trading estate. It is these 2 stooges that we are led to believe that will open doors for us, dazzle Xi Jin Ping and make the Americans sit up and take notice along with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

    Sadly this is not the case. Angela Merkel in her role as the Margaret Thatcher of Europe is the person who the Chinese respect as their intellectual equal and as a former nuclear physicist. Vladimir Putin respects her because of her intellect and ability to speak fluent Russian and the Americans rate her because of her soft power encapsulated in Germany’s export success story at the heart of Europe.
    One can remember the stories of “Yo Blair” during the GW Bush Presidency, Gordon Brown running around the White House basement trying to speak to a reluctant Obama and the snubbing of David Cameron 5 times by the Chinese when they held up £8 billion GBP’s worth of contracts and trade because they were incensed by his insults and comments made publicly about human rights. Instances like these demonstrate what the Chinese leadership think of the UK within the EU and it was only the more obsequious and emollient approach of the Chancellor George Osborne that broke the logjam of indifference whilst even tiny Iceland, not an EU member at all was able to establish its own treaties on trade with the Chinese with ease.

    4) Tony Blair’s assertions about traffic lights changing are like much of his utterances completely worthless

    My 3rd question would be “What change can we reasonably expect the EU to make if we remain as a member?”

    To begin with, Germany is more powerful and influential than ever although some of the glow has departed from Angela Merkel over the mishandling of the migration crisis and the fact that Erdogan of Turkey has completely outmaneuvered her as well as David Cameron, Tusk, and Hollande.

    Then we look at Britain’s balance of trade deficit with Europe which is 10 to 1 to our detriment with our biggest export market being the Irish Republic which we ourselves plus Germany had to bail out after the banking crisis.

    The EU is causing us to close down coal-fired power stations like Drax and then import wood pellets from South Carolina by ship to save us from worsening climate change. All this at a time when we only have 1.1% spare generating capacity over peak demand and it takes 15 years to build new nuclear power stations. We import electricity from France via an undersea cable from one of their nuclear power stations and thanks to EU-mandated policies that UK civil servants have “gold plated” we are no longer self-sufficient in food, have 5000 farmers a year going bankrupt (Original source:Deloitte Consulting) plus 100 farmers a year committing suicide and have more or less destroyed our fishing industry.

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