Opinion – Hillary Clinton’s lucrative life of crime | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

The article, courtesy of Dr.Alf, has a misplaced title in that lots of people including our own Tony Blair, make lucrative speeches which in itself is not a crime.

Hillary Clinton, and for that matter Bill, may have committed crimes and failed to take actions which caused people to die when they need not have done but these actions and acts of negligence are not listed in this article. Even Bill Clinton’s abolition of Glass-Steagall Act which created the seeds for the 2008 banking crisis cannot be fully laid outside his door because he acted on advice and instructions from the true criminals who are known and still at large.

Certainly, Hillary Clinton is an odious and cruel woman (she laughed on live television at the pictures of Gaddafi trussed up like a bloodied and battered chicken being driven off at high speed in a pickup truck in Libya surrounded by heavily armed jihadists who would later murder him) and she will almost undoubtedly become the first female President.

However, that makes her odious and cruel, descriptions that could be applied to a great many politicians and important people, rather than a criminal.

John Gelmini

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