Icelandic PM resigns over Panama Papers revelations | Coffee House – The Spectator

The Spectator

The Spectator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spectator reports that Iceland’s Prime Minister has become the first politician to step down over the Panama Papers leak. Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson has today resigned following allegations his family invested millions of pounds in an offshore firm.

Source: Icelandic PM resigns over Panama Papers revelations | Coffee House

This of course is the tip of the iceberg.

The message is simple the public do not like double standards with one set of rules for the rich and powerful.

I fear despite the allegations little will really change just a few vulnerable political casualties.



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  1. Dr. Alf is right,there will be a few political casualties but the machinations of the rich and powerful are going to go on much as they always have done.
    Many of these so-called revelations represent very old news which Private Eye was covering 20 to 40 years ago when it used to get stuck into people like Lord Vestey who made a fortune from Argentinian beef. The UK invented offshore tax havens so that foreign corporations would deposit money with lawyers and tax experts who presumably pay the UK Government something for the privilege. Also, with modern binary options robots, money can be traded up into even bigger sums in 100dreths of a second whilst it remains offshore.
    The public can huff and puff all they want to but are pretty much powerless to contain the forces that are currently ranged against them.

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