Centre planning sugar tax to fight obesity, diabetes – Times of India

The Times of India, junk food and sugar-sweetened beverages will soon be taxed higher and subjected to tougher advertising norms. The Indian government plans these measures to control the growing incidence of diabetes in the country.

Source: Centre planning sugar tax to fight obesity, diabetes – Times of India

When I spent six weeks in India in 2014, I was amazed at the obesity and prominence of junk food. What really shocked me was that the Indian middle classes often associated more junk food with prosperity. There is, of course, a similar crisis in China which I have witnessed first hand too.

The thing about junk food that is often missed is that it’s seriously addictive, promoted by ruthless Western companies target marketing young people and promoting peer pressure.

It’s interesting that the UK has introduced a sugar tax but unfortunately has so far not attacked junk-food. The food industry has a powerful lobby but it’s time for governments to slash healthcare costs by targeting the junk-food companies?

Just like banks and oil companies have special levies, I feel that there’s now a need for penal levies on junk-food companies?



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  1. Dr Alf makes excellent points.
    Junk food should be zoned out of existence by local authorities and variable taxes need to be applied to all unhealthy foods not just sugar .
    This has to happen everywhere in the world along with tough action to reduce smoking,drinking and sedentary lifestyles.

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