Opinion – Grey zone | The Economist

This is an outstanding must-read article from the Economist. It argues that as cases of dementia rise, Japan gropes for new ways to deal with them

Source: Grey zone | The Economist

The article highlights Japan’s failures and itemizes the growing challenge.

BUT this challenge is almost as acute for many Western countries, especially the UK and Germany.

The solution is a strategic approach to state-intervention, importing increasing numbers of foreign doctors and nurses, massive funding increases and moving the boundaries.

Politicians must be prepared to widen and deepen the debate about immigration and refugees, arguing in favor of importing more skilled doctors and nurses.

The boundaries are important. Just like Japan considered moving the elderly out of the cities, Western countries must look to outsourcing too. Some time ago, my colleague, John Gelmini, suggested taking advantage of lower cost care opportunities in India.
Would you like to leave your granny at the top of a mountain, like in ancient Japan?