UN chief says Diabetes causes 1.5-M deaths a year | mb.com.ph | Philippine News

Logo for the World Diabetes Day

Logo for the World Diabetes Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year...

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year (DALY) rates from Diabetes mellitus by country (per 100,000 inhabitants). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Philippine News reports UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saying that diabetes now causes some 1.5 million deaths a year and called for healthier lifestyles on this year.

Source: UN chief says Diabetes causes 1.5-M deaths a year | mb.com.ph | Philippine News

Surely, we need much more than World Diabetes Day?

I am increasingly disillusioned by the effectiveness of the whole UN bureaucracy. It’s perhaps time to do a comprehensive cost benefit analysis and look to reforms? There are too many lobbies promoting vested interests and big decisions are blocked in the Security Council. It’s a very expensive debating chamber.

Let’s face it, a large part of the Diabetes crisis crisis is caused by Western food and drinks companies aggressively marketing addictive junk food and sugar products. See the Times of India article reporting on the introduction of a sugar tax.

Perhaps it’s time for Ban Ki-moon to step down and make way for a more robust leader?

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  1. I’m very much in accord with Dr Alf but would go further.
    The UN which started as the replacement for the League of Nations does not do “what it says on the tin” and has had a succession of weak and pretty useless leaders since its inception.

    This in my view has been deliberate so that those really in control elsewhere can determine outcomes to suit themselves, sometimes by brute power and the creation of “facts on the ground”, sometimes by having unsavoury information on key politicians before key votes which can then be used to ensure that they vote “the right way” and sometimes through background persuasion including the promise of overseas aid or the withholding of it ,in the case of leaders of emerging economies which get too big for their boots.

    As with the UK NHS, the UN needs to be scrapped, replaced with a new body with stronger safeguards and a cleaner more independent directorate of people with less of an axe to grind that it is harder to “fix” through skulduggery and covert pressure.

    Ban Ki Moon, and people like him, would have no place in the new body and would be replaced by people with wisdom and enough money and strength of character that they could not be bribed, bullied, prevailed upon or circumvented easily.

    Diabetes is caused partially by the food industry, partially by the Codex Alimentarius, which is controlled by seed and chemical companies like Monsanto, partially by sedentary lifestyles and partially by fast food outlets, too much drinking and by chemicals in the environment, plastics, till rolls, tins, the food itself, fertilisers, water and household goods.

    This requires a good deal of interference in people’s lives if it is to be fixed:

    1) Mandatory reductions in sugar and salt content on all processed foods

    2) Variable taxes on foods to compel, not nudge buying behaviour

    3) Cooking lessons made compulsory at schools with ring-fenced budgets

    4) Fast food outlets zoned out of all cities and towns, then reduced in number and their place replaced by restaurants serving healthy food

    5) All cities and towns made pedestrianised, like Salzburg in Austria, with ring-fenced policing budgets to ensure that people could walk about safely

    6) Codex Alimentarius proceedings to be made open to the public not held in secret

    7) Harmful chemicals to be removed from food and the food chain and the environment

    8) Food to be regarded by all health authorities as medicine

    9) Overweight people to be prescribed diet and exercise rather than drugs and to be charged more heavily on aircraft and public transport if they take up more than one seat. This would be backed up by an advertising campaign to promote healthier lifestyles, the benefits of exercise and the ability to wear certain types of fashionable clothes which would only be available in smaller sizes (following consultation with clothing manufacturers and retailers)

    10 )Malingerers to be cleared out of doctors’ surgeries so that obese people can be seen more often and helped to reduce weight through better diet, more exercise and pressure applied by doctors

    11) School playing fields reinstated along with mandatory PE

    12) National Service reintroduced for all school leavers for a minimum of 2 years and as a precursor to going to university.

    This would force people to eat healthily and be fit at an early age and teach them reliance and self-discipline

    13) Retrofitting all taps with American style water filters to remove impurities and gender bending and fat creating oestrogens from water caused by fertiliser runoff into rivers

    14) Undertake research into nano-robots capable of speeding up slow metabolisms and into why some people have fast metabolisms

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