David Cameron’s terrible week ends with calls for resignation over Panama Papers | News | The Guardian

The left-leaning UK Guardian, citing MPs, reports that the PM should have come clean earlier about shares in father’s offshore investment fund to avoid further damage.

Source: David Cameron’s terrible week ends with calls for resignation over Panama Papers | News | The Guardian

In the run-up to the Brexit referendum, the UK needs a PM who is fully committed.

Cameron is clearly on the defensive and a lame PM could cause the UK massive harm by not fighting the Brexit effectively.

Are the knives already out for Cameron?

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  1. Dr. Alf is correct in his incisive prognosis.

    David Cameron is viewed as a “lame duck” and as completely ineffective when it comes to selling “Remain” both by members of the Conservative Party and by the Royal family.

    The Queen is said by some newspapers and through leaks to be incandescent with rage at the rumours circulating earlier last month that she was in favour of Brexit.
    As a consequence, David Cameron who is number 2 to her in the Committee of 300 has been given a “carpeting”(severe verbal chastisement) which is why his complacent and carefree tone has given way to a furrowed brow and a clearly worried look. It is why the Remain campaign has produced at taxpayers expense a coloured leaflet outlining the case for remaining in the EU which is to be mailed to every household in the UK at a cost of £9 million GBP.

    Should this and his performance at persuading the British public to remain in the EU not have the desired effect then the sword of Damocles hanging over David Cameron’s head is first the prospect of seeing the ageing Prince Philip being wheeled out on television to make a desperate plea to the nation to vote to remain in the EU.

    This would cause a constitutional crisis but the odds are now deemed so high that if David Cameron fails to deliver as the Royal family see it,this would be worth the risk.

    David Cameron has been wrong-footed on Port Talbot and the steel industry; he has been wrong-footed on Turkish and Ukrainian accession to the EU; wrong-footed on immigration because the present figures are wholly bogus; and now he has a PR disaster on his hands over Panama and tax havens which he is not going to able to explain to a financially illiterate public despite having done nothing illegal.

    Personally, I think he will scrape through in Houdini-like fashion and move quickly on to his promised big role but he will go much faster than originally planned. As for Prince Philip he needs to stay off television other than to attend Ascot this year as an intervention from him on the BBC could well backfire spectacularly and cause people to question the need for the Monarchy.

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