Brexit could harm global crimefighting work, says head of Britain’s ‘FBI’

The Telegraph reports Lynne Owens, the director-general of the National Crime Agency, which deals with both global and domestic crime threats, said a Brexit vote could jeopardise intelligence-sharing and cooperation with other countries.

Source: Brexit could harm global crimefighting work, says head of Britain’s ‘FBI’

This is just the latest evidence from an expert opinion on the high risk of the Brexit strategy. Yesterday, it was Christine Lagarde of the IMF. 

As the pressure mounts from expert opinion, financial markets are turning against the UK.

My position is clear. The Brexit is clear folly without a detailed strategy and risk assessment. Yes, the EU has some major problems but the way to improve it is as part of it.

In my mind, the 2008 financial crisis will be a blip compared to the economic meltdown from a Brexit.

It’s time to wake-up and protect Britain for future generations.



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  1. Having briefly met Lynne Owens at a Suffolk Chamber of Commerce meeting in Bury St Edmunds, listened to him speak about organised criminals and looked at the actual crime figures in terms of convictions and looked at the DTI insurance claims figures I’m afraid I do not go along with his “expert opinion” and prefer to listen to the former head of MI5 who takes the opposite view on Brexit.

    Although this is an interesting Daily Telegraph article from Dr Alf this man Owens talks a good fight but his agency does deliver, does not inspire confidence and is about as close to being an FBI as chalk from cheese.

    What are the facts:

    1) The police throughout the country only manage to secure a 22% conviction rate and that is based on the crimes which they actually detect and are able to assemble enough evidence to bring the matter to the attention of the courts. In London the strike rate falls to just 9% a low and frankly disgraceful figure.

    2) Owens in his spiel to the assembled Chamber of Commerce members in 2015 said that the function of the National Crime Agency was to create a process of “Relentless Disruption”whereby the 4500 organised criminals they are tracking would experience so much difficulty in conducting their operations that they would move on or give up. During the past 30 years drugs have flowed into the country through the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk which was on the patch of the Acting Chief Constable of Suffolk who was the second speaker,without a single major drugs bust on his watch or that of his predecessors.

    The UK has 6 major ports of entry, Felixstowe which handles about 50% of our imports and such physical exports as we do have,the Port of London,Dover,Hull,Liverpool,Southampton

    The overall figures for drugs seizures throughout the UK is less than 10% and since the European arrest warrant this period covers the inception of close EU co-operation between police forces within the EU.

    3) The Adams family, the successors to the Krays and the Richardsons, are still in business in London and are said to be feared by the Metropolitan police and in 2005 a major drugs war was waged in Liverpool between armed gangs using machine guns in Liverpool pubs. I was working in Warrington at the time for a debt management client and throughout Liverpool,Warrington and that part of the NorthWest what was going on was common knowledge but never reported to the Press or reported by the BBC. Scotland and that part of England including Newcastle upon Tyne is controlled by a Glasgow based gangster who defied the Krays when they tried to muscle in North of the border.

    He has survived “Relentless Disruption ” and the organisation he ran is still in business.

    If this is Owen’s idea of “Relentless disruption” then he and I must have vastly different understanding of the true meaning of those words.

    4) The crime figures reported by the Home Office are frankly bogus because when you compare the figures for insurance claims for burglary, car thefts, housebreaking, thefts from shops, business premises, outbuildings, blocks of flats, people in shops, shoplifting, mobile phone claims for theft and the crime figures reported by Chief Constables to the Home Office ,you find differences on a scale of 10 to 1. For example a burglary of 100 different flats represents 100 different insurance claims yet if the block of flats is at say 1 Smith Street ,it is listed as 1 crime of burglary under a process known as “cuffing”. Breaking into cars to steal radios and sound systems are downgraded from felonies(crimes) to tampering with property (misdemeanors). Thus crime is magicked away with greater skill than even Derren Brown the stage magician could possibly muster.

    5) Talking of “expert opinion” the Times headline of 16/1/2014 “Crime Figures Lose Quality Mark Amid Claims of Fiddling” in a report by Richard Ford Home Correspondent,is instructive.

    Here we learn that the UK Statistics Authority has removed the National Statistics label from all crime figures stating “There is accumulating evidence that the underlying data on all crimes recorded by the police may not be reliable”.

    Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, a former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said with typical Northern directness “Police have been fiddling figures for years”.

    6) English people smugglers are it seems able to operate at the “jungle camp” where the “Syrian refugees and other economic migrants are based without being caught despite speaking in clear English voices, now it seems a swarm of rubber dinghies bearing more migrants is able to bring in more illegal immigrants despite European co-operation between police forces and several mosques including 2 in London where fake documentation and passports are available,still remain untouched by the police despite the National Crime Agency having the power to direct a given Chief Constable’s resources towards particular objectives.

    Moving on to the IMF and Christine Lagarde, her intervention in the Brexit debate was to be expected since she is also a Bilderberger and Committee of 300 member as is David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, the King of Holland, Merkel, Prince Charles, etc, etc.
    All these people are in favour of the EU and a United States of Europe plus the process of enlargement and TTIP.

    This is fair enough as they are entitled to their opinions but positioning any of them as “experts” in light of their records is a step too far.

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