Jeremy Corbyn: leaving EU would lead to ‘bonfire of rights’ | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that the Labour leader stresses need for international cooperation in speech calling for Britain to stay in EU.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn: leaving EU would lead to ‘bonfire of rights’ | Politics | The Guardian

In the scary world of uncharted downside risks of a Brexit, it would be dangerous world where the strongest survive and the weakest go under. The Out campaign’s simple notion of transferring EU contributions to the NHS budget is naive, simplistic, false and dishonest. Where are their economic projections and risk profiles following the Brexit?

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Brexit risk profile contagion, open this link.


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  1. This piece from the Guardian courtesy of Dr Alf is supposed to explain Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Brexit. Sadly it does not, because I watched the entire Corbyn speech and as someone who has spent decades watching body language and listening to speech patterns Jeremy Corbyn looked and sounded like someone who had been forced to make this speech and who didn’t believe a word he was saying. Even some of the BBC’s reporters remarked on how uncomfortable he seemed which is not surprising given his implacable opposition to the EU from the time before the UK joined in 1975 to the present day.

    In recent times his handlers and image advisors have put him in a suit and tie to make him appear more “Prime Ministerial” but the speech was a deliberate sop to the Socio Economic Groups C1s, C2s, Ds and Es who form the bulk of his left wing supporters and whose rights he purports to care so much about.

    This time we saw Jeremy Corbyn in his light coloured jacket and his shirt open in a direct appeal to his old Labour supporters and to what was once the white working class.

    Not all of us who favour BREXIT favour using the EU budget contributions to pay for the NHS, it is perfectly possible to bring healthcare, local government, policing, fire commands, Adult Social Care and the civil service to the point of being affordable by radical restructuring, the elimination of non jobs, eliminating layers of management, automation, robotics, the reduction of fraud, financial irregularity and corruption plus BPO.

    Furthermore, the NHS could be fixed by reducing unnecessary demands by malingerers, troublesome pensioners, night clubbers, drunks and people pretending to be incapacitated plus modern procurement methods.

    The amount of waste in the public sector is enormous and the risk that poses to the productive economy is that of strangulation.

    Money that should be used to lower business rates, provide export assistance, research grants and corporation taxes ends up paying useless people who contribute nothing, make nothing and export nothing. The EU adds to this phenomenon through the costs of regulation which entails the need for more unnecessary people to be employed.

    This isn’t a risk it is something that we can observe with our own eyes which is happening right now but of course the costs of regulation and over-employment of people in non-jobs has yet to be calculated.

    Reform needs to be done as something in its own right and any savings from Brexit need to go on financing the deficit and reducing it. Everything else needs to be financed from earnings based on export led growth.

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