The Refugee Policy the EU Needs Today – Carnegie Europe – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in ...

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent article from leading think tank, Carnegie Europe. It argues that the current priorities in EU asylum policy are all about implementing the March 2016 refugee deal with Turkey in good faith.

Source: The Refugee Policy the EU Needs Today – Carnegie Europe – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Most ordinary European people are uncomfortable with the EU’s refugee policy. They feel frighten and threatened. Further, they see Germany leader, Angela Merkel, bending Europe’s foreign and defense policies to accommodate Turkey’s aspirations.

Surely it’s time for Europe to listen to the people on immigration and refugee policy?

Perhaps, it’s time for Carnegie to suggest that America takes more refugees?


One response

  1. Carnegie Europe, in this piece from Dr Alf, is missing the point about the so-called refugee policy, Angela Merkel’s disgraceful appeasement of Turkey, and they certainly should not be entertaining the idea of getting America to take refugees.

    People in Europe by and large do not want a “Refugee policy”, they want secure borders, they want refugees to be sent back from whence they came or to some appropriate location in the Middle East where they can practice their religion and Sharia Laws.

    There is no appetite for more mosque building, more madrassas or more Islamic practices.

    More and more people are under no illusion that Islam is a “peaceful religion” and are not fearful at all but are instead very angry indeed.

    Dr Alf in other posts worries about the rise of the Right Wing and what that could mean. Merkel’s policies, which are really appeasement of President Erdogan (the trainer and healthcare provider of ISIS and the provider of cheap labour for Germany), will bring about and are bringing about the very thing that concerns him and concerns me.

    It is likely, if unchecked to lead to civil war in Europe of the kind we saw in Yugoslavia and that will herald the end of any dreams of a United States of Europe.

    What is needed is the expansion of French, British and Italian forces in Libya to something capable of occupying the entire country and eradicating ISIS quickly rather than the present snails pace.

    Then all the so called refugees can be settled there using Libya’s oil and other wealth with the West as the occupying power keeping the rest to finance the occupation.

    Turkey is duplicitous and Erdogan should be replaced by someone more to our liking and the refugee and migrant deal with him torn up. Merkel is now a liability and needs to be replaced by someone who has not taken leave of her senses.

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