Opinion – Mr. Obama goes to Riyadh: Why the United States and Saudi Arabia still need each other | Brookings Institution – John Gelmini

English: Saudi Arabia (orthographic projection)

English: Saudi Arabia (orthographic projection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Brookings Institute puts a medium gloss on what President Obama’s visit to the Kingdom will achieve and why America still needs the Kingdom. Dr Alf in this piece from Brookings is right to say that one of the reasons for the visit is to burnish President Obama’s tattered credentials in preparation for what is likely to be a book deal and he is right to say that we will see lots of American concessions and few coming in the opposite direction.

Brookings is wrong to say that the Kingdom wants a Palestinian State because despite their rhetoric and pronouncements they have never really wanted any such thing and are loathe to let them have a “Palestinian Homeland” anywhere in or near their Kingdom. They would prefer that the Palestinians remained exactly where they are or simply disappeared.
Obama is making this particular trip for a number of reasons not all of which have been stated but based on what has happened up to now one can make intelligent guesses:

1) Establish the Saudi Arabian appetite for more arms sales following the massive deal that was concluded last year
2) Reaffirm support for the Petrodollar
3) Ensure that oil prices keep going up by means of restricted oil production
4) Maintain the flow of money into the hands of Islamic jihadists in Syria, to Turkey and via them to ISIS and other groups loyal to them
5) Ensure that Saudi Arabia is bearing down on the Houthis in Yemen

John Gelmini

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