Mark Carney: EU exit is ‘biggest domestic risk’ – BBC News

The BBC reports that the governor of the Bank of England says the possibility of Britain leaving the EU is the “biggest domestic risk to financial stability”, but says he is not taking sides over the in-out debate.

Source: Mark Carney: EU exit is ‘biggest domestic risk’ – BBC News

Personally, I struggle to see how Mark Carney can stay on the sidelines. His warnings against the Brexit draw him to the Remain side.


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  1. Dr Alf need not worry and can rest easy in his Cypriot lair whilst observing the magnificent sunrises and sunsets on that beautiful island as he contemplates the world.

    Mark Carney is a former Goldman Sachs banker, a proponent of the abolition of Glass Steagall and a proponent of EU enlargement, integration, ever closer union and TTIP. Any statements he makes about being objective or impartial about BREXIT are for public consumption only so that people are led to believe that the Bank of England is seen to be impartial and evenhanded and a suitable “distance” from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

    In reality, both Osborne and Mark Carney are Bilderbergers along with the Prime Minister, Prince Charles, Angela Merkel and other Prime Ministers, the BBC, Pearson PLC which owns the FT and the Economist and Presidents of Europe plus most of the global multinational heads of businesses “employing more than a million people”.
    They all meet together once a year,(last year it was Austria) and decide these things and the line to take in advance and it is likely that they will win the argument and if for some reason they fail to do so the first time they will force people to vote again and again until they do, as has happened in the past when the Irish voted the “wrong way”.

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