Brexit’s Threat to ‘the Special Relationship’ – The New York Times

The NYT warns that the great trans-Atlantic alliance was premised on Britain’s commitment to European unity. This is a sober warning from the NYT.

Source: Brexit’s Threat to ‘the Special Relationship’ – The New York Times

By the hour the world’s media highlight new risks for the Brexit. See for yourself review the Twitter feed on Brexit.

Why don’t ambitious people like Boris Johnson admit that they’ve made a mistake and switch to the winning side, REMAIN?


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  1. What the Americans are concerned about is Nato, America’s global defence and European burden sharing (more money to pay for America’s missile shield,space based weapons,drones and stocks of pre positioned weapons which they hope to one day use to press Russia and China into submission.

    They worry that Britain under BREXIT might wish to pursue a different foreign policy course so in this NYT piece from Dr Alf they invoke the spectre of the loss of the “Special Relationship” which was always a nebulous concept with little resemblance to reality.

    Boris is trying to position himself as the friend of “little people” so that he can gain their allegiance and become Prime Minister,he is not really committed to BREXIT,rather he is engaged in sophistry and word games rather than holding firm principles about the best direction for the EU.

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