Hilary Clinton looks likely to make it back to the White House – The Economist

The Economist argues that in a year of insurgents, Americans appear likely to elect an establishment grande dame as president. This is a recommended read.

Source: Unloved and unstoppable | The Economist

Republicans will be worried about two things, firstly Hilary Clinton and secondly Donald Trump. So the excitement is still with the Republicans for now. Is it possible for the Republican Party to still pick the next president?


One response

  1. This Economist piece from Dr Alf is not news, Hillary Clinton was selected as the President as all of them are these days, by the Council For Foreign Relations acting on instructions from the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in Whitehall. The decision was made more than 2 years ago, long before the Presidential Race and long before anyone steps into a voting booth.

    The Republicans can choose anyone they like because the electoral arithmetic will not permit any one of them to win the key minorities necessary because of demographic changes in what constitutes an American.

    The whole thing is a multi act play with different actors but the underlying reality is that the Economist as a regular Bilderberg attendee along with all the other heads of state represented in that body plus the heads of major corporations (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Unilever, Generali,Aviva PLC etc), already know the outcome of the American elections and are in the fortunate position of being prophets to events the outcomes of which have been secretly fixed in advance.

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