Angela Merkel to launch EU aid programme for Syrians on Turkey visit | World news | The Guardian

This is a good article from the Guardian, reporting German chancellor visiting a camp and child protection centre with Turkey’s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu amid concerns over refugee deal.

Source: Angela Merkel to launch EU aid programme for Syrians on Turkey visit | World news | The Guardian

It’s fine for President Obama to commend Angela Merkel for her courage in going to Turkey and intervening in the refugee crisis. Americans are not taking any where near the numbers of refugees that Europe is continuing to take. Also remember that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are not welcoming refugees.

Angela Merkel and the EU’s policy for dealing with the refugees by giving Turkey billions of Euro and promise of EU membership is deeply unpopular, both in Germany and throughout Europe. Many feel that Turkey will take the money and renege on the deal.

Time will tell. Angela Merkel’s political leadership has been based on caution and incrementalism, now she is taking big and risky steps. Perhaps, Merkel is getting ready to resign?


Opinion – Justice and Home Affairs Council, 21/04/2016 – Consilium – The European Council – John Gelmini

English: Flag of the Council of Europe

English: Flag of the Council of Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like everything else in the EU, the European Council is fiddling while Rome burns. We do not need economic migrants and refugees to be “reallocated” nor do we need the deal with Erdogan ratified, improved or strengthened as it is not worth the paper it is written on.

I noted the language and complacent assumptions, just as Dr Alf did when he read it before posting the piece from Consilium and I am alarmed at the stupidity of our so called leaders who in vernacular parlance are “muppets” and gullible idiots. This body seems to be happy to allow the Islamification of Europe by default and is failing to acknowledge our Judeo Christian heritage and the growing anger that people feel about having it traduced.

Ministers in Europe need to start doing their jobs not simply trying to con people into accepting the unacceptable. Failing that, they should be replaced just as an incompetent would be in corporate life.

Every day we hear of a new wave of migrants coming to Sicily or somewhere other than Turkey where we are supposed to rely on President Erdogan a man who is duplicitous, completely untrustworthy and bent on rebuilding a latter day version of the Ottoman Empire.

Let’s face reality.

John Gelmini